Treatment prices

The fee schedule is displayed at the reception desk. We have EFTPOS available, also HICAPS which allows patients with private health insurance to claim back part of their fee at the time of consultation. Patients are requested to settle fees at the time of each consultation. Concession fees are available for those on a pension, health care card holders and for children.

Length of appointments

All sessions at Colac Osteopathic Clinic are between 30 and 40 minutes in duration.

Will I need multiple treatments?

Many patients feel significant improvement after only one or two treatments, but it depends a lot upon the complaint you present with, your general health, age & other lifestyle factors; such as occupation. It is usually best to allow things to settle down after treatment for a few days, so initially, we usually see patients on a weekly basis. As your problem resolves, the time between visits is increased.

Do I need to be referred by my GP?

Referral is not necessary for private patients. Those wishing to claim via Veterans Affairs require a GP referral every 12 months (a D904 referral form is available at the clinic or from your GP).

GP’s are now able to refer patients for Osteopathic treatment under the Medicare EPC programme. You will need to speak to your GP to see whether you are eligible for this service. If you have been referred by another healthcare provider, with your permission, we will notify them of your diagnosis, treatment and progress.